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Ship Handling Trolley / Ship Transfer System

ZPTO n.a. S.M. Kirov engineers and produces different ship transfer equipment such as ship handling trolley and ship transfer systems.

They intended for lengthwise and cross section transfer (with rotating trolleys) of the ships and hull structures while they are built or repaired.

Ship transfer system is a specialized transport system which consists of driveless ship handling trolleys and feed system/control system connected with each other by mechanical drive with hydraulic or electrical sleeves.

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Driveless rotating trolleys (foreign-made)

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Load capacity  
Driveless rotating trolleys 125 / 170 / 200 / 250 / 320 tons

Standard driveless trolleys and non-self propelled trolleys are also manufactured with 80/125/170/200/250/320 tons load capacity.

The trolleys are produced in submergible and non submergible variants.

The main advantages of modern ship transfer systems:

  • Lengthwise and cross-section back of the ship transfer by the ship transfer system when using 90 degrees rotating trolley.
  • Shipyards turntables don’t needed. Ship handling field with the set of the rail track which is accessible for the personnel and automobile transport transfer is enough.
  • Independence provides by driveless diesel-powered hydraulic aggregate for hydraulic and electrical units power supply which is a part of ship transfer system.
  • Automatization high level.
  • Flexibility high level.
  • Low maintenance charges.
  • Less quantity of technical personnel.
  • Synchronized and controlled shiplift on hudrocylinders. As a consequence less possibility of hull deflection.
  • High safety.
  • Shared use with syncrolifts.